Our Prominent Machines


TKM 600 SRW is an automatic plate closing machine that does not use vacuum and gas for industrial purposes. On-screen values with touch operator panel can be followed graphically and numerically, and all kinds of operations can be done easily.

MK 200 Handy

MK 200 HANDY provides great convenience for cafes and restaurants. The machine is designed to be suitable for closing non-combustible paper containers and plastic containers. It can be closed with external carton cover with old and film.

VTK 200 TT

VTK 200 TT is a table top model for industry. Completely made of stainless steel. The mold and aluminum parts are eloxal coated. Values ​​can be monitored numerically and graphically with the touch operator panel and any action can be done easily.

TKM 300 Compact

TKM 300 COMPACT Model, is the smallest model of TKM series. As the mold is replaceable, it provides unlimited choice of mold. Automatic film system, automatic mold system with pneumatic and being easy to carry with compact structure makes it preferable.


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