Who we are?

PONA PACK which was established in 1996 has been operating its facilities in Ümraniye Organized Industrial Zone for 22 years. Since its establishment, many successes have been made in many stages and it has become an important supplier with its domestic and foreign dealership network. PONA PACK exports 70% of its production. It offers solutions to many business partners in Greece, Serbia, India, Germany, Holland, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Italy and America and supplies them products.

With the knowledge and experience gained, it offers a wide range of suitable machine model options for full food packaging lines or smaller capacity producers.

PONA PACK, which has adopted the principle of making the best use of the latest technological developments since the first day of machine production now incorporates various technological equipment and even produces some part of it. All machines are produced in compliance with CE norms and quality controls are rigorously done. In addition to machine production, PONA PACK also provides spare parts, film and service for all kinds of customer needs. In this way, it became one of the special and leading companies in Turkey by responding new needs while continuing to produce higher quality products. PONA PACK which produces machine models with any capacity and specifications for small, medium and large-scale enterprises, aims customer satisfaction and to provide 24/7 response to their needs, and most importantly, it does.

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