Our service network provides comprehensive services ranging from maintenance and repair to specialized modernization and emergency service. With periodic maintenance, your machines are maintained regularly and the efficiency of the packaging solution is increased by extending its operating life. It minimizes the risk of unexpected interruption by preventing failures. It quickly delivers wearing parts and end-of-life parts. In case of emergency, remote help service is available for your machines through the live support on our web site or our WhatsApp call center.

The quality of spare parts of PONA PACK preserves the operating safety and service life of your machines for years. Spare parts are produced without sacrificing the quality of your machines. Our technical service team serves you 7/24 to choose the right spare part. Thanks to the guaranteed spare part supply, you can use your PONA PACK packing machines for a long time.

Your industrial-based machine needs and requirements may change in time. At this point, PONA PACK renews your machines with a minimum budget that will not cause you to suffer. All renewing operations are performed in our factory.

The heating and gluing plates of your PONA PACK machines will naturally wear out with daily operation. For this reason, there is always the possibility that forming and gluing in thermoform packaging remain inadequate. These plates are cleaned carefully by sandblasting, the damaged parts are repaired and finally the plates are re-coated in layers with PTFE. The life of your molds is extended with the possible shortest repair time.